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Organizing festivals is our core business

The particularly complex logistics of
Les Arcs European Film Festival
has determined us to develop our own management tool.

It responds to a wide variety of needs common to most festivals.

A comprehensive and user-friendly platform,
which centralizes all your data

Address Book



Guests transport

Film selection




Centralize your contacts database

Import your address book (contacts, companies) into the platform.

Concentrate your information with your team.

Manage your newsletter options.

Edit tags for your contacts and companies.

A powerful search engine enables you to look for and filter your contacts, companies and accreditation holders.

Look for a contact or a company

Search from any pages of the platform

Advanced research

Filter lists by countries or by « tags ».

Export your research as .csv or .xls


Accreditation Holders


Transform your contacts into accreditation holders

With a simple click, you can invite someone to register for an accreditation. He will be able to complete and change its information so that your database is always up to date.

You can find your accreditation holders with a simple contact research.

Manage easily your accreditation holders

The individual form will give you information on your guest :

  • his dates of presence,
  • the film he’s presenting,
  • his referent within your team,
  • his transport information,
  • his schedule,
  • his presents and invitations...




Manage the schedule of your guests and events

Dinner, party, cocktail, interview, film presentation…

Add individually an event to a guest, or add guests or groups of guests to an event.

Configure your events

Type, location, date…

Every event appears automatically on the guests’ schedules.

Your guests can synchronize their events with their personal calendar.

You can view the events in a chronological list, and view the number of participants to every one of them.



Request a transport

Book a car pick-up for your guest.

All of your authorized team members can request a pick-up.

Manage your drivers and their schedule.

Manage your vehicles and their capacity.

Validate a transport

The team in charge of transports can then transform the request into a ride and maximize its vehicles by grouping several requests in the same car.

The transport information appears in the personal space of the accreditation holder.

Films Talents Programming

Management of your films,

Manage your films, class them, note them, and programme them.

Your selection committee has a direct access to the viewing links and will be able to add comments.

Once the film is selected, its information sheet will be linked to your website and use in the programming section.


The Talents

Enter the talents information only once.

Directors, producers, actors…

Enter their bio, filmography, picture

Their information will be used for each film, from one year to another.

Data can be exported for the writing of your catalogues.

Suggest a playlist to your selection committee

You can suggest to the members to see films during the week and to note them.

The list of films appears in their « Playlist » module.


Prepare your programme

Create your theaters, capacities, and screenings by theaters

View your schedule by theater, by day, by film

Synchronize your programme with your website

Forward them to your technical crew

Edit short and long posters to put in front of the theaters


A « to do list »
to interact with your collaborators

Thanks to the Reminders feature, assign tasks to your collaborators and yourself.

You can then follow the progress and completion of the tasks.

Administration / settings

Manage your users
by granting them authorizations

Every user will be granted authorization access to features and information regarding his tasks within the festival.


A complete setting
of your editions

Go easily from one edition to another by duplicating your information


Keep track of the activity
of your users

With their connexions, changes, creations, changes, deletions…

Creation of tags
for your contacts and companies

Assign tags to your contacts and companies. You can then find them thanks to the powerful search engine.


Other Features

Other Features

Emailing Tool

Currently works with MailChimp and MailJet

Film submission

An online form so that the beneficiaries can submit their films directly on Festicine

Box-office statistics

Individual bar codes for the accreditations




  • administration
  • reminders
  • contacts
  • accreditations
  • films + submission
  • programming
  • talents
  • standard accreditation module
  • standard programme grid
  • 1 training video
  • Data exports as .xls

500 €

by edition



every feature
of the « standard » offer (except the « green ones »)

  • events
  • playlist
  • transport
  • box-office statistics
  • emailings
  • budget follow-up
  • 1 day training / assistance
  • data export to link Festicine to your website

3 000 €

by edition



every feature
of the « pro » offer

  • integration to your website
  • new modules
  • website / front office
  • specific developments…

On estimate


Pour découvrir l’ensemble des fonctionnalités,
sollicitez-nous pour une présentation complète !


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Software development : Érik CALOP

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